April 20: Culminating Learning Celebration in Atlanta


The Lovett School
4075 Paces Ferry Road
Atlanta, GA 30327
Mapquest Directions

NOTE: We will be in a different gymnasium. We will be in the Lower School building, the Pope Gymnasium. This is best accessed from Paces Ferry Road.

Hotel Reservations

Doubletree Inn and Guest Suites, Atlanta (2780 Windy Ridge Pwy, 30339)
Hotel Web Site and Directions

(If they are "out" of rooms, just call me and I'll ask them to add rooms.)
http://doubletree.hilton.com/ en/dt/groups/personalized/ ATLCWDT-LVT-20090419/index. jhtml


8:00 a.m.-3:15 p.m. (Please see Agenda)

Contact Info (On Site)

Laura Deisley-- cell phone 678-428-7996
Carol Cummings (Headmaster's Office) 404-262-3032


Please tell us you are coming!! Please complete the table below indicating the names of everyone from your school who will be attending. Thank you!
School Name
First Name
Lovett (Team One)
Jonathan Newman
Tina Davis
Rene Houngblame
Lovett (Team Two)
Ellen Gebel
Margee Durand
Joni Janis
Maria Croley
Diane Hussmann
Deborah Levy
Siri Fiske
Ann Biedenweg

Samantha Kemmish
Erica McBride
Josh Clark
Kim Davis
Stewart Crais
Agnes Matheson
Kristen Britt
Ted Sadtler
Leslie Brown
Chris Harrow
Tammie Ciccarelli
Amanda Goebel
Amanda Pool
Kathy Ellis
Marsha Harris
David Lipscomb
Priscilla Taylor
Steve Parham
Dona Howell
Lucinda Burris
Kay Austelle & Phyllis Sanders
Berkeley Prep
Mike Speer
Pat Lukacs
Jamie Crawford
Buck Johnson
Gail Driscoll
Greater Atlanta Christian
Julia Osteen
Sandra Baggett
Betty Morris
Tammy Hughes
Jay Hamilton
Amy Dean
Second Baptist School
Phil Sinitierre
Tammy Seale

Woodward North
Debbie Stephens
Susan Guest
Ellen Adolph
Jennifer Edenfield
Joanne Hood & Kaye Brinson
Shorecrest Prep
Amy Cobb
Dawn Weinman
Hugh Schooman
David Hyink
Anna Baralt and Wendy Drexler
The Walker School
Thomas Cooper
Kathy Piques
Holly Martin

Brookstone School
Georgia Haywood
Julie Sway

Woodward LS #1
Cindy Bode
Andy Phillips
Danise Fields
Leigh Ann Peek
Shelley Paul (All WA teams)
Woodward LS 2
Ann Haber
Julia Duke
Mary Lou Almand
Nanci Lee
Susan Weiss
The Walker School
Holly Martin
Kathy Piques
Kate Carter (AM only)
Loraine Brooks
Dan Clotfelter & Michael Arjona
The Kinkaid School
Christine Papadakes
Ron Gutowsky
Lizzy Riordan
Vanessa Riesgo
Larry Kahn

Transportation and Parking

Lovett has very limited visitor parking right now because of major construction; in order for our facility people to sleep at night (and be nice to all of us) and for you to have a relaxing and enjoyable day with us, please read and complete the following information:

Local Schools (Westminster, Walker, Trinity, Woodward and GAC)
We are asking that all local schools carpool in ONE vehicle per team. I know this gets cozy, but look what we're doing for the environment! (smile) Please fill in the table below indicating you've read this and will be able to support this request.
School Name
One Car Agreement (yes or if no why and # of cars)
Woodward North
no, 3 cars due to afternoon commitments
Greater Atlanta Christian
yes, but will need to leave no later than 2:15 because of afternoon commitments
The Walker School
No, at least 3 cars because of various commitments
in the end, one car, all carpooling :-)

Out of Town Schools (This means everyone other than the local schools.)
We are planning to shuttle out of town participants from an off-campus site to the school. Currently, we plan to have all teams meet at the Doubletree Guest Suites at 7:45 a.m. (whether staying there or not) for an 7:55 departure to Lovett. The Lovett shuttle bus will return everyone to this location departing Lovett at 3:15 and arriving at the Doubletree at 3:30. Please indicate below where your team is staying and if you will be able to get to the Doubletree for a shuttle, or if you need to make other arrangements.
School Name
Hotel Name
Yes, We Will Take the Shuttle
No. of People for Shuttle
Chadwick School

Embassy Suites - Buckhead

We will all be in one car - can we just drive to the school and park there? There are six of us. (That is fine-LD)
David Lipscomb

Berkeley Prep

driving in from Columbus
We will be in 1 car. Can we park at the school? Recommendation on where? Yes-will email parking info tomorrow (Fri)
We will really need to be back to the hotel by 3:30 latest for a 5:15 flight. If you think we need more time, we can drive our van. It seats all of us, so we would be able to come in one car.
Second Baptist School

We will be in 1 car and will need to park at the school. We will need to leave by 2:30 to catch flight.
The Kinkaid School

Additional Guests

We certainly welcome and encourage those of you who would like to have an administrator join you for this kickoff meeting. Lovett can manage a few additional people, but our room set up and parking issues (obviously) require that we limit the number of additional attendees. If you are planning to bring someone other than your team members, team leader, or fellow (as relevant) please indicate so below. We will do all that we can to accommodate these requests! (Administrator support and understanding is vital to your success in this program.)

School Name
Guest Name(s) and Title(s)
Total Number of Guests**

Special Needs

If you or one of your team members requires any kind of special assistance, we would like to know. Please email me if there is a transportation, health, or dietary restriction (or special dietary request). As for our lunch, we are planning on a make-your-own sandwich setup with meats, cheeses, tomato, lettuce, and condiments accompanied by fruit, chips, dessert and water/soft drinks. Breakfast will be bagels and muffins, coffee, and water.

Technology Support

We are outfitting one of our small gymnasiums with extra wireless airport hubs, ethernet connections for Will and Sheryl, and power strips at every table for charging laptops. We will do our very best to keep everyone "online" but as you know sometimes technology works in your favor and sometimes it doesn't. Our IT folks will be around and on-call for any specific issues. We do encourage everyone to bring a laptop if possible.

Also, if you are bringing "technology" with you that will need any special setup, please let us know immediately!