karenpbs1.jpgGreetings! My name is Karen Work Richardson. I am really looking forward to building this community with you over the year. Here's my bulleted autobiography:
  • I was an English major.
  • I love to read.
  • I've taught high school English, middle school language arts (reading & writing), 8th grade communications (a computer course), and college level writing. Currently, I'm an adjunct instructor at the College of William and Mary where I teach the technology course required of all pre-service teachers.
  • I've been doing educational technology professional development for teachers since 1988.
  • I write a weblog called In Another Place where I muse about education and technology and sometimes both.
  • I'm doing my dissertation research towards a PhD in curriculum and educational technology at William and Mary. I'll graduate in 2009, exactly 25 years since I received my BA in English. (I'm feeling a little old.) I'm doing a qualitative study of how teachers plan for the use of technology.
  • Since 2001, I have been part of the Virginia Initiative for Technology and Administrative Leadership (VITAL), a grant in Virginia in which we worked with school administrators to help them understand their role in the integration of technology.
  • I dabble with digital video.
  • My husband and I love living the country life with three dogs, a big garden and eight chickens.