Charlotte Country Day School

PLP-Consortium Team

Tim Moxely – Team Leader (
Tim Waite (
Tara Kester (
Ann Claire Hoch (
Simon Keilty – Fellow (

Collaborative Projects - This is our team project to improve dialogue between our school's divisions. We are building small group content right now to hook a few other teachers and plan to present what we build during 07-08 to the rest of the school in 08-09. - This is a NING site that our middle school educational technology Director Imana Legette is managing. The goal here is to introduce the middle school masses to social networking in a fun way during 07-08 before sharing professional uses in 08-09 with the CCDS CAD. - This is Ann Claire's cool middle school latin blog. - This is Simon Keilty's wiki that he using for student projects in 8th grade environmental science - This is Janice Ward's wiki that she using for student projects in 8th grade environmental science - I just started this wiki to get the kids psyched for the Costa Rica exchange and share their thoughts and ideas about the trip before posting video journals before, during, and after the trip. - Simon began using this as a forum for discussion between my advisees during the 07-08 school year.