Wesleyan School, Norcross, GA
Wesleyan is a private K-12 school and has a student body of 1081.

Position: Technology Director
As the technology director, I oversee the purchasing and installation of all new technology equipment on campus. I manage the tech projects and try to ensure that the technology is allowing the teachers to be successful. I teach one class each semester and am currently teaching a class in web design. I am also the educational technology department chair. I meet with our technology teachers to review scope and sequence, to discuss technical issues and to review new technologies. I also coordinate our technology staff development program called "Computer U".

My BS is from Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania and my M.Ed is from Covanent College in Georgia. My M.ED. specialization was curriculum and instruction and my final project dealt with the integration of technology into the curriculum.

I was a “late bloomer” with the use of computers. I was very resistant to computers and even scared at first. I think that is why I relate so well with some of our staff. I was teaching middle school mathematics when a parent donated an 8088 computer to my classroom. This must have been somewhere around 1993. I didn’t have any idea what to do with it or why I would want it. My students and I learned together and by the end of that year I had a row of 4 computers across the back of my classroom. Then the next year some newer computers were donated and my knowledge of the computer and desire to learn progressed. One of the first real pieces of software I learned to integrate was the DOS version of Geometer’s Sketchpad – I was hooked. Then I got the DOS version of Making the Grade and began doing all my grades on the computer. Life was wonderful! In 1995, I was asked to become the Computer Coordinator for that school. I didn’t feel like I knew very much about directing a computer program and so I started night classes to learn about networking and hardware. In 1998, I took the position as Assistant Technology Director at Providence Christian Academy in Lilburn, GA. I continued to learn more and started the technology staff development program there. I wrote our version of “InTech” and trained all the teachers. In 2005, I accepted the position of Technology Director at Wesleyan.