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Jacob Crowder - Upper School Computer Teacher
Shirley Garrett - 4th and 5th grade Science Teacher
Georgia Haywood - Middle School Computer Teacher
Julie Sway - Instructional Technology
Ron Ussery - Media Services Director

We decided to make our project about something that we wanted to learn or learn better, and to create training materials so our fellow teachers could learn about it as well. We decided on Skype, as it has so much potential use in the classroom.external image features_bnr_skypeRequires.jpg

We all downloaded Skype and 3 of us who could meet set up accounts and Skyped with each other one afternoon to set up our accounts and try it out. The other two set up their accounts at a later date. Unfortunately, our network administrator blocked our access to Skype, but after some discussion, we were able to get it back.

The Middle School and Upper School Technology teachers created lesson plans that included the students using Skype as one aspect of the project. The Intermediate School Science teacher created a lesson plan that includes an orthopedic surgeon using Skype to speak with her students about human physiology. The Instructional Technology director created a powerpoint showing how to download and use Skype including how to find other educators to collaborate on a project.

Our plan is to demonstrate the use of Skype to the rest of the faculty at our next meeting and to add it to the list of courses offered internally.

external image skype2-videocall.png