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What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a website that anyone can edit easily using a regular web browser. If you can use a word processor, copy and paste, and send an email attachment, you can create a wiki. A wiki may include text, images, web links, file attachments, audio, video and other embedded media. Wiki software automatically records every edit and archives every saved version of a page, making it easy to track changes and "roll-back" to a former version of a page. Essentially, a wiki is anything you want it to be.

Why Wikis in Education?

Wikis are simple to create and easy to use. They encourage collaboration and shared knowledge construction. They are often built and edited by many users at once. Wikis are powerful, flexible containers for content. Teachers and students can use wikis for publishing, organizing, and sharing virtually any content – professional, creative or academic.

Wiki in Education Resources

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