Welcome to the Advanced Blogging Class,

The Advanced Blogging session will cover a few of the dynamic features that can be found on Blogger.com. It is recommend that participants of this course feel comfortable with blogging and are familiar with the basic features of Blogger.com, such as adding text and link lists, and other page elements. Feel free to review the basic and intermediate presentations.

If you need to contact me: coopert@thewalkerschool.org

Ideas for Integrating Blogs Across the Curriculum

One Example Is -
Audio-Blog a Family Reunion
Have students bring in photos of their family events. Students could post these on VoiceThread (http://www.voicethread.com). This is an online audio blogging site that allows you to upload photos and then post a voice response to the image. You can also annotate the image with text. Student and family members could all leave their impressions about what happened at various family events. What a great way to make a family genealogy project more dynamic.

For more exmples -
Please feel free to add how you use blogs to this list and then repost.
(Office 2003)

Before the Session
It is recommended that participates have signed up for an account and are familar with the following online resources -
  • Blogger.com
  • ClusterMaps.com
  • Delicious.com
  • OurMedia.org
  • ThinkFree.com

It is also recommended that you review theses session files -
(Office 2007)
(Office 2003)
(Office 2007)

(Office 2003)

Session Topics
  • Adding Polls to let your students weigh in on issues.
  • Adding News Feeds to keep your readers updated on blog topics.
  • Adding Cluster Maps that let you know who is visiting your site.
  • Adding Tag Rolls from Delicioius to your site.
  • Embedding audio and video files into your blog to stimulate discussion.

For your convenince, I have attached the presentation files here.
(Office 2007)
(Office 2003)
(Office 2007)

(Office 2003)

Sample Audio File
Walker Upper School Ensemble-Il re Pastore by W.A. Mozart

Dani California by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Blog Examples

Resources Discussed in this Session

Tips for Promoting Your Blog
  • Write quality content and do it well.
  • Keep your posts and paragraphs short.
  • Publish regular updates.
  • Submit your address to blog search sites and directories.
  • Put your blog URL in your email signature

More tips can be found at: http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=42377

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