Action Plans


Students and teachers as co-learners
Start with what are content objectives then figure out how to get there together.


· Shift non-academic duties for the express purpose of increasing
collaborative planning time.
· Build into yearly schedule time for teachers to conduct a one
week minimester in which students work on individual/collaborative
using 21st century learning projects.
· Consider flexible schedules to facilitate student learning
throughout the school year.


Thematic teaching
Age-appropriate teaching
Student-interest driven
Real-life problems
Web 2.0 tools
Using Web 2.0 tools
- Teachers will create one new thematic unit per year.
- Units should be developmentally appropriate.
- Units should incorporate student-interests.
- Units should include real-life problems and situations.
- Units must utilize one new Web 2.0 tool
- Units will include an online component with collaborative learning.


While modeling the techniques and behaviors expected of their faculty,
administrators should provide the faculty with the resources needed
to meet required technology goals.


Student to Student:
Tech Yes Science – Assign 10 student mentors who are dispersed throughout the
homeroom classes to assist with technology issues.
These students are trained prior to school by IT specialists.

Teacher to Teacher (Mentor):
Dedicate time for face-to-face
One-on-one mentoring
Wiki brainstorming and discussion/reflection

Team to team (Grade Level):
Meet once a week via common grade level planning period
Lunch and learn

Vertical Planning:
Quarterly face-to-face meeting sharing what they are doing in their classrooms and how they can make interdisciplinary connections outside of our subject area to expand lessons and learning.

Transparency with lessons and sharing what we are doing through our school Ning.

Implementing 21st Century Change

• Implement 1:1 program in schools effectively
• Hire technology trained base classroom teachers and supporting staff with expectation of use of technology
• Create appropriate physical space for small groups, etc.. Reconfiguring the physical space.

Professional Development

- Teachers have to be held accountable for using and modeling 21st century skills. This is measured via their evaluations.
- Teachers have to be provided with time and expert help to learn new technologies and how to apply them to their projects. This is measured with their ability and actual use of technology in their classes.
- Teachers need to teach each other. This is measured by teachers having time to share with each other their success, observe each other, etc.
- Administrators have to use and model 21st century learning.
- All of this has to tie into the overall mission statement of the school.